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Sex and chocolate

Sex and chocolate

Chocolate must be the most devilishly delightful and sensuously sinful of all foods. Sex and chocolate seem to be intimately intertwined, but how did it happen? How and why did chocolate become known as an aphrodisiac?

Chocolate must be the most devilishly delightful and sensuously sinful of all foods. Sex and chocolate seem to be intimately intertwined, but how did it happen? How and why did chocolate become known as an aphrodisiac?

It all started when Ancient Aztecs and Mayans discovered cocoa beans thousands of years ago; they believed that chocolate had mystical and aphrodisiac qualities. They also believed that anyone who consumed chocolate would gain power and knowledge.

The Aztec emperor, Montezuma, was said to have drank 50 goblets of chocolate a day to enhance his sexual prowess. He introduced the Spanish explorer Cortez to his aphrodisiac concoction in his court. Cortez took chocolate back to Spain and its libido boosting reputation followed. Cortez tried to keep chocolate a secret, he hid cocoa beans in monasteries where the monks cultivated it and started plantations. The secret of chocolate couldn’t stay under wraps long, the Spanish turned it into a successful industry by improving chocolate’s taste by adding ingredients to sweeten it up like sugar, vanilla, and wine.

Chocolate became of favorite of the rich and elite. It flourished in the French courts in the 18th century. The art and literature of the time was full of rich and erotic imagery tying sex and chocolate together. The Marquis de Sade mixed the erotic qualities of chocolate with its ability to disguise poisons and the famous lover Casanova was reputed to have consumed chocolate to boost his libido and stamina before seducing his conquests.

So is chocolate really an aphrodisiac? Many people think so but scientists are still trying to prove it and are slowly unlocking chocolate’s secrets.

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Scientists have found that chocolate is very complex and made up of many chemicals, many which have mood lifting qualities. Some of the feel good aspects of chocolate come from the substances phenylethylamine, which is known as the love chemical, and the mood modulating serotonin. Both of these substances occur naturally in the human brain and are released when we are happy and having feelings of love and passion.

Euphoric feelings that some people get from chocolate can come from the body’s own endorphins that are released when we eat chocolate and the caffeine that chocolate naturally contains. Any of these chemicals and especially the combination of them all can cause increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, mood change, and feelings of well being that mimic the feeling of being in love. These feelings combined with the proper frame of mind can increase sex drive and stamina therefore being an aphrodisiac. Some researchers also believe that the phenyl ethylamine (PEA) causes the brain to release mesolimbic dopamine, this is a chemical that’s presence peaks in the pleasure centers of the brain during an orgasm.

Chocolate also contains powerful antioxidants, potassium, sodium, iron, fluorine, and the vitamins A, B 1, C, D, and E. So not only does chocolate make you feel good, eaten in moderation it can also be good for you and good health leads to sexual health. The research of Dr. Myrtle Wilhite shows that a diet rich in dark chocolate, the kind that is at least 70% cacao, has positive effects on sexual arousal. She has found that eating dark chocolate not only gives you a love buzz from all the chemicals but it improves the flexibility and function of blood vessels which have a direct impact on sexual arousal and sexual function. She says you should stay away from milk chocolate and white chocolate which are both full of calories, stay with dark chocolate, the darker the better.

This is probably another reason why chocolate became known as an aphrodisiac, in the days of the Aztecs and Mayans chocolate was pure cocoa without all the chemicals we add today. Their diets then and even in 17 and 18th century Europe diets were usually lacking in the proper nutrients and vitamins needed to stay healthy. Back then chocolate was in a purer form and packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and mood altering chemicals that were not watered down, processed and combined with tons of sugar and man made chemicals. Consuming it was an instant high, a physical and mental boost. It worked like magic, to them it was magic.

Today lovers frequently exchange chocolates on romantic occasions and women, who seem to be more susceptible to chocolate’s effect, have an ongoing affair with the sweet, velvety richness of chocolate. 99% of women say they love chocolate and some women even say they prefer chocolate over sex. Wow. I love chocolate but I can’t say I prefer it over sex… well maybe… it depends on what I’m craving at that moment.

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Science still can’t prove that chocolate is a love drug or aphrodisiac but over 1500 years of beliefs say otherwise. Most of us don’t need any proof, just let a smooth, creamy piece of chocolate melt in your mouth.

Some people may eat chocolate to make themselves feel good while others use it as an aphrodisiac, as an invitation to sex or even as foreplay. Just think of all the ways you can combine sex and chocolate either before or during your intimate interludes: feed your loved one pieces of rich dark chocolate as a provocative dessert; share a bowl of cold, creamy chocolate ice cream on a hot summer night; enjoy mugs of steamy hot cocoa on a cold night in front of a roaring fire; feed each other fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate; pour chocolate syrup on your lover’s body and lick it off; the possibilities are as varied as the chocolate products that are now available.

You can enhance foreplay and heat up sex with tasty chocolate delights. You find just about anything that goes along with sex either scented or flavored like chocolate from warming, lick able lubes to edible undies and chocolate flavored body dust. Enjoy some tasty chocolate treats during your next sensual lovemaking session. Some great items to try are Chocolate Fantasy Body Jam, Chocolate Fantasy Finger Paints, The Kama Sutra Lover’s paint Box with dark, milk and white chocolate paints, Chocolate Scented Massage Oils and there are even Chocolate Flavored Condoms.

Unleashing a world of tantalizing possibilities, the passionate embrace of sex and chocolate takes a compassionate turn with the introduction of vegan chocolate. Infused with the essence of ethically sourced ingredients and crafted with meticulous care, vegan chocolate offers a guilt-free indulgence that satisfies not only the palate but also the soul. Delight in the smooth, velvety texture and exquisite flavours that dance upon your taste buds, knowing that every delectable bite supports a kinder, more sustainable world. As you explore the realm of pleasure, let the allure of vegan chocolate guide your senses, inviting you to embark on a journey of heightened intimacy and unparalleled satisfaction. Embrace the synergy of passion and conscious living, where love, desire, and the sumptuousness of vegan chocolate blend into a harmonious symphony of pleasure.

In conclusion, the enthralling connection between sex and chocolate has transcended time and cultures. From the ancient Aztecs and Mayans to the lavish courts of Europe, chocolate has been associated with desire, pleasure, and even mystical qualities. While scientists continue to unravel the secrets behind chocolate’s effects on mood and well-being, centuries of belief and personal experiences testify to its aphrodisiac allure. With its complex composition of mood-enhancing chemicals and its potential health benefits, chocolate holds a special place in the realm of sensual indulgence. Whether shared as a romantic gesture, incorporated into intimate moments, or enjoyed as a delectable treat, chocolate remains an irresistible invitation to explore the captivating realms of pleasure and desire. So, savor the velvety richness, let it melt in your mouth, and embrace the timeless delight that is the sweet union of sex and chocolate.

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