Simon had a plan: work on the farm and earn back the money his father stole from him. What he didn’t plan on was Georgia, his boss’ daughter. The farm has the best produce in the state, but nothing compares to Georgia’s juicy peach and those Daisy Dukes she’s always wearing sure can’t hide it. But her father’s made it clear she’s off the market and off limits, and if Simon wants to keep his job, he better keep his hands off.

In Peach, Jenna Rose delivers a fabulous quick read that is a super hot and sensual older man/younger woman romance. Simon is ridiculously sexy – a man who when he figures out what he wants, he goes after it unabashedly. An ex-Marine without the best family relationship, Simon is the best farm hand his boss, Paul, has. There is only one rule: Simon must keep his eyes and hands off Paul’s eighteen year old daughter, Georgia. However, Simon cannot ignore the attraction he has for Georgia, or her assets… 😉 And when she expresses a mutual desire, all bets are off. The results are off the charts scorching.

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